by Costanza

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We got drunk as shit and recorded a bunch of old songs plus a couple new ones for a CD to take on tour.


released March 31, 2015

Miles - guitar / vocals
Lee - bass / vocals
Kyle - drums / vocals

Music recorded live by Norman Marston and Ryan Smith at the Owlery in Chicago

Vocals recorded by Ryan in his bedroom in Chicago

Mixed and Mastered by Norman in his bedroom, just below Ryan's bedroom in Chicago

Album artwork by Jason Douglas Swearingen (brightcolorsanddirt.com)

All music / words written by Costanza except "Hey Suburbia," by Ben Weasel and John Jughead



all rights reserved


Costanza Chicago

Three dudes playing punk rock and drinking all of your (free) beer.

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Track Name: Daddy's In The Doghouse
All I wanna do is party
Cuz no one seems to fucking understand me
Mommy / Daddy, they don't want me
Learned life's lessons through the streets and the TV

Now they say
God works in mysterious ways
So I'll sit
And I'll wait
For the end of this life he made

Cuz I can't do this on my own
I don't know if I have a home
You don't know
Don't tell me you know

It's hard for me to make connections
To anything or anyone but myself
All I know is this rejection
An unopened book still sitting on the shelf

So I'll stay inside
My head, and in my mind
I'll write the truths
About another broken life
Track Name: Rumplestiltskin's A Good Man
I'm feeling so much older now
And I'm not sure how I made it
I've been out of excuses but
I still love a good chance to fake it
Even though

Now I know
I'm too broken to go back to sleep
Blow up my phone and drink alone because

I don't wanna go out in this shitty town
Unless you get me drunk and drive me around
Why don't you ever fucking blame me?
I just wanna hang out, sit on my couch
Drink a beer and talk about
How everybody's always changing

And I can't promise you
That I won't drown myself in spite
The 25'ers and newlyweds,
They won't take me out this time
Even though

I don't know
Where I fit in will all of them
Am I a hypocrite, do I still give a shit?

I just wanna hang out, sit on your couch
Get too high and talk about
How everybody's fucking changing
Track Name: Masturbating In A Time Machine
How quickly can you fade away?
It feels like months
But it's only been days
Said give it time and you won't care
And that you'd know cause you'd been there

I gave you a record of my band
It was kinda silly cause you don't have a record player
You paid for me to get this dragon tattoo
It was kind of stupid cause it reminds me of you

It was a bad idea from the day we met
But I haven't found a bad idea I didn't like yet
Me in the midwest, you in the desert
So far apart, how'd we get so hurt
Track Name: Dutch Door Action
Got by on the skin of our teeth
With no money in our wallets and not a wink of sleep
Did fine cause it was all we knew
Lost people along the way guess they outgrew it
We're still here like we've always been
Won't be here forever but we'll still be friends
Wouldn't do anything different these days
Guess I'm still waiting for a regretful phase

Spent a lot of time
Sleeping on couches
I loved it all
Stumbling in and out
Of some fucked up houses
I loved it all

Got by on our tolerance and looks
Hit a lot of things hard but not many books
Got a lot of nights that are blurs
Best nights of our lives that's for sure

I live through these moments
These memories
Got so many to keep track of
It's hard for me
Now they're getting older
Fading away
But I think back to them
Every fucking day
Track Name: Did He Say "Funky Buttloving?"
I think about the plans I never made
And all the friendships that decayed
And here we are now living very different lives
I put my effort in, I wish you would've tried

Growing optimistic about the things I know I'll never do
The closer I get to myself, the further I get from you

Being lonely, being fake
It's the toughest choice I gotta make
Getting older, staying the same
Making lists of all the other things I wanna blame

And here we are now living very different lives
You found your place again, I'm still living these lies

Stepping back, looking in from the outside
Only seeing all the things I always tried to hide
Holding onto the times when I could truly say
"I'm too young to be feeling this way"
Track Name: Sprayed By The Leopards
Do you remember the night
That my Apple laptop died?
I can't believe I fucking survived

I'm not trying to break open
I'm just trying to fit in
I don't wanna go home
I don't even know
If I'm drowning in the ocean
Or just wading through these sins

So I sat inside on
For The Love Of Punk all night
It helped my dreams get high

I'm not gonna last the weekend
Track Name: Suck A Fatty
Life is cheap, it's so easy to see
How I treat you, how you treat me

You put yourself in these same situations
Destroy yourself with your own creations
Never learning and things don't get better
Maybe that's something you should try to remember

You think short term, small picture
What do you need now and can you get it quicker
But that's not me, I'm not like that
I'll fuck it all up and never look back
Track Name: Didn't You Get The Memo?
Everything just cycles and repeats
Same bed, dirty sheets
Is this the life I want to live
Or am I just doing it cause everyone else is

Why hate yourself, when you know
You're never going to change
Understand that, and you won't
Look at yourself so strange

Life stops, people disappear
Hey man I haven't talked to you in years
Fuck what everyone's supposed to do
I've thought about it and I don't want to
Track Name: Here's A Nice Piece Of Shit
Where there's money to be made
There's kids that are too dumb to complain
Everything you shit out's good, not gold
Don't believe everything that you are told

Don't act like you're better than me
Cuz you've known Fat Mike since 2003
I can't fucking stand that I own your discography
Cuz fuck you, man, and your entire industry

I've got a chip on my shoulder
Maybe I'm just getting older,
But when I heard your album,
It changed my life
That "bloody warmth" had finally made me feel alive

But don't act like you're better than me
Just because I'm comfortable with my identity
You take the stage and become the clergy
But I won't be ordained in your self-righteous fury
Track Name: Hey Suburbia
Try and tell us our future's at stake
We're gonna slam dance on your grave
Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow
You say we're a bunch of lazy bums
We just wanna act stupid and have some fun
Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow

Hey suburbia
We're in love with you

We won't end up like you want us to be
But so what 'cause we're always gonna be happy
Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow

Tell us we'll regret the things we did
But we're just gonna give you a big wet kiss
Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow

Shut up
We don't care
Track Name: Run-By Fruiting
Disappointed in myself,
More than a little bit,
It's been two years and still I haven't split
From this town, this crowd,
Everyone around here who's bummin' me out
Had a thousand chances to get it right
You can't give up to save your life
Need a miracle to get out of this alive
I need a drink or two to watch you try

Make these shitty fucking choices
Ignore all the older wiser voices
It can't last but somehow it has
Makes me wanna kick my own fucking ass
Piss away things that mean a lot
Kiss away people I've forgot
That's how it's always fuckin' been
Probably how it's gonna fuckin' end

Let it burn you
As long as you want it to
But I think I'd let it go
It'll fuck your head up,
More than these empty cups
When will you say you've had enough?
Had a thousand chances to get it right
You can't give up to save your life
Need a miracle to get out of this alive
I need a drink or two to watch you try
Track Name: Here Comes The Meat Wagon
Keep drinking these whiskey and cokes now
Keep killing my lungs with pointless smokes
Keep burning these bridges left and right
Keep on drinking anything in sight

Killing off these regrets, ain't as easy as it seems
Cause even when you think they're gone
They'll haunt your fucking dreams
I know that one day, maybe we'll wish
We did things a little different than this
But it won't hurt cause I won't let it
I'm gonna get drunk and fucking forget it

Still waitin for this whiskey to kick in
Still got these songs that are sticking
They're in my head and in my heart
I won't let you tear me apart

Wake up
Get drunk
Forget about the things that I fucked up