Dutch Door Action

from by Costanza



Got by on the skin of our teeth
With no money in our wallets and not a wink of sleep
Did fine cause it was all we knew
Lost people along the way guess they outgrew it
We're still here like we've always been
Won't be here forever but we'll still be friends
Wouldn't do anything different these days
Guess I'm still waiting for a regretful phase

Spent a lot of time
Sleeping on couches
I loved it all
Stumbling in and out
Of some fucked up houses
I loved it all

Got by on our tolerance and looks
Hit a lot of things hard but not many books
Got a lot of nights that are blurs
Best nights of our lives that's for sure

I live through these moments
These memories
Got so many to keep track of
It's hard for me
Now they're getting older
Fading away
But I think back to them
Every fucking day


from Dicksography, released March 31, 2015



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Costanza Chicago

Three dudes playing punk rock and drinking all of your (free) beer.

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